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Standing Committees

Finance - Janet Teeguarden, Chair

Recommend policies and procedures to the council for membership fees, course fees and budget. This committee shall be chaired by the Treasurer.  Committee person:  Gordon W. Rosier.

Curriculum - Janet Teeguarden, Chair

Create and submit a proposed curriculum to the Council including full term study groups, short courses, study tours and summer programs. It shall encourage continuous contributions from the Membership and respond to all requests for programs that fulfill the purpose of RISE.

Membership - Maurine Dyer Stevens, Chair

Maintain membership applications and database.

Public Relations and Marketing - Michael Levine, Chair

Recommend policies and plans which will create and maintain a positive public image. Create ads and collateral materials. Work with all committee chairs to promote programs and activities.

Technology - Maurine Dyer Stevens, Chair

Identify technologies to enhance administration of the RISE program. Encourage use of appropriate technology by presenters. Advance the technology knowledge of members.