Rio Salado Education

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Need a Speaker?

If your group is looking for a speaker that will inform your audience about a real treasure located in Surprise, contact the PR Committee, or call RISE at 480-377-4262 or 480-377-4296.

Here’s what you can learn from a speaker:

  • What did the founders say when asked what seniors wanted?
  • Why were classes held in a shopping center?
  • How come students had to line up in the parking lot to sign up for lessons?
  • What is the connection of RISE with Rio Salado College?
  • Are the classes only available to seniors?
  • How can RISE offer such a fantastic deal?
  • What kinds of classes are offered?
  • Who teaches the classes?
  • When are classes offered?
  • How can I find out about the classes scheduled?
  • How can I join RISE?

Call 480-377-4262 and ask the Coordinator to arrange for a speaker who can answer these questions and more. We can present information in the time you have available.