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The Science and Application of Self-Hypnosis (HW)

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  • Class Number: 149
  • Class Name: The Science and Application of Self-Hypnosis (HW)
  • Facilitator: Skip Albright
  • Semester: Fall 2021
  • Number of Sessions: 1
  • Number of Seats Left: 18

Class Description

According to science, we all go into hypnosis dozens of times per day.  Most people do not realize this because they do not understand what hypnosis truly is!  Very often, we unintentionally use self-hypnosis to our own detriment instead of to our benefit.  Board Certified Hypnotherapist Skip Albright will explain the scientific underpinnings of hypnosis, how it affects us for our own detriment or benefit, and how we can utilize Self-Hypnosis techniques to make life-improving changes in many areas or our lives.  Learn and apply these techniques in this popular and fast-paced lecture!

Session # Date Start Time End Time
1 10/05/2021 01:00 PM 04:00 PM