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Is There Dust on Your Trust? (F)

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  • Class Number: 114
  • Class Name: Is There Dust on Your Trust? (F)
  • Facilitator: Pamela Prine Kim Dyer
  • Semester: Fall 2018
  • Number of Sessions: 1
  • Number of Seats Left: 39

Class Description

Where IS your Trust?  Do you own property out of state?  Are your beneficiaries designated Per Stirpes or Per Capita?  Do you dislike your son- or daughter-in-laws?  Haven’t you given Uncle Sam enough??  What do you mean we have to go through Probate – my Dad had a Trust in place??  Join us for an enlightening discussion where we address common issues and mistakes people make by not keeping their Estate Planning documents updated.

Session # Date Start Time End Time
1 10/15/2018 10:00 AM 12:00 PM