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Introduction to the "Master Noticer" Program (HW)

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  • Class Number: 109
  • Class Name: Introduction to the "Master Noticer" Program (HW)
  • Facilitator: Sandra Hickman
  • Semester: Fall 2018
  • Number of Sessions: 1
  • Number of Seats Left: 27

Class Description

Do you want to increase conscious awareness, initiate self-healing, and attract a better way of BEING?  If so, this is the class for you.  Learn to become better at noticing, noticing both yourself and others, to realize how your beliefs and memorized behaviors predict your actions, and begin to rewire your thinking to manifest the changes you need.  The session will include instructions along with Advanced Language Techniques to encourage you to shift your thinking and become more aware. 


Session # Date Start Time End Time
1 10/08/2018 01:00 PM 03:00 PM