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About Us


Our Mission


RISE is a grass-roots community based educational organization created for and by members. RISE presents members with opportunities for stimulation, enlightenment, and interaction with their peers. It fosters an environment that encourages life-long learning.


To provide interests of life-long learning experiences to its members. To attract people with diverse talents who are willing to share talents with others. To provide opportunities to interact with peers in a comfortable and friendly environment. To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas.


RISE is a self-directed, educational organization governed by a nine-member Governing Council, members of which are elected by the general membership at their annual meeting and serve for two years. RISE operates in accordance with its constitution.


Presenters who have expertise and interest in diverse topics are drawn from the general membership, The Curriculum Committee calls on professionals and the talent pool from the surrounding educational, medical, cultural resources and civic leaders.


Programs are determined by the desires and interests of the membership. RISE offers over 300 non-credit enrichment classes per year in the following areas:

• Social Sciences
• Natural Sciences
• Health and Wellness
• Spirituality and Religion
• The Arts
• Lifestyles
• Financial

In addition to book clubs, educational field trips may be included.

Fee Structure

Annual membership dues are $65 per person. The effective term is from July 1 of one year to June 30 of the following year. Enrollment 1100 + Members.  Membership is open to any adult resident in Maricopa County.