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Why RISE - Rio Salado Education

Want to learn to paint with watercolors? Have you been curious about acupuncture or ancient middle eastern goddesses? Maybe you want to write the next great American novel. These choices and 350 more are yours for only $45 per year. Join in the excitement at RISE where we offer classes from Tai Chi to Car Repairs. There’s something special happening at RISE. Come be a part of it!


FEB 15

Rise Building Closed

08:00 AM

FEB 18

Free Community Event The Musical Instrument Museum

01:00 PM

MAR 11

Spring 2016 Semester Registration Begins

09:00 AM

MAR 16

Free Community Event Folk And Bluegrass Music Festival

01:00 PM

Spring catalogs will mail on Saturday, Feb 13th. You will receive them the week of February 15th.



You are invited to RISE Learning for Life on Friday, February 26, 2016 at noon.        

Come to socialize with fellow members, elect new Council members, vote on issues and enjoy lunch.


                                                       Meeting   Agenda


  1. Welcome and introduction of Governing Council and Staff      

Sue Fitzsimons, President

  1. Election of 5 Governing Council members for 2016-2018 term

George Marshall, Chair of Nominating Committee

  1. Rio Salado College Remarks, recognition of Dr. Jo Jorgenson   

Greg Pereira, Director of Community Partnerships

  1.  Coordinator’s Report                                                                        

Marion Kammauf, RISE Coordinator

  1.  Committee Reports

       Curriculum, Membership, Public Relations, Technology  Committee Chairs

  1.  Financial Status Report, Dues recommendation from Council

Dan Kedzie, Treasurer

  1. Constitutional Amendment recommendations, Finance            
  2. Sue Fitzsimons, President

Elimination of reporting the budget at annual meeting since the budget is done in June

and only a status report is given at the annual meeting in February.

“RISE shall operate under a budget recommended by the Council. and reported to the membership at the annual membership meeting.”

Elimination of reference to audit since our accounting is handled through Rio Salado.

  1.  Election Results                                                                                    

George Marshall, Chair of Nominating Committee




        A catered lunch from Birt’s Bistro will be served at 12 noon followed by the General Meeting.                              

Please RSVP by Friday, February 19 via email to or phone 480-377-4296.


 Class Addition


Class Additions

Italian Renaissance Art: A Brief History #287                                               Paul Enea                         Tuesday 10a.m. Feb 16

This class covers the history of Italian art – painting, sculpture and architecture – from the 13th through the 16th centuries. It will define the meaning of the term Renaissances, its characteristics and personalities such as Cimabue, Botticelli and Michangelo.


Transcendentalism and the Evolution of the New Thought Spiritual Tradition #286              Clare Goldsberry                            Tuesday 10a.m. March 1st.                                   Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau were on the leading edge of the early Transcendentalist movement. They began to see in a different light after reading one of the first translations of the Bagavad Gita to come out of England during the early 1800s. This led to a whole movement in America that came to be called the New Thought Movement. We'll explore the various leaders that helped shape this movement through the incorporation of Eastern philosophies and the integration of the Mind/Body movement.


Leonardo da Vince, “The Universal Man”, Raphael Santi, “The Divine One” and Michelangelo Buonarroti “La “terribilita”.         #288                   Paul Enea

Tuesday 10a.m. March 1

This class covers the life and art of the three GIANTS of the Italian Renaissance: Leoardo, Raphael and Michelangelo. We will look at their triumphs in art along with their failures and frustrations with patrons.


 Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Words, Change Your Life  #284        Thursday 10a.m. Mar 3     Marilyn Poscic                       

Do you know what some say is the definition of insanity? Doing the same things over and over and expecting new results. Do you find yourself doing this? Do you ever wonder why? Are you finding the need to change your world or to find more fulfillment? If these questions are resonating with you, then join Intuitive Angel Messenger/Medium, Educator and Author Marilyn Poscic in this interactive class as she shows you just three easy ways by understanding how your thoughts, words, and actions can change your world to create more happiness, abundance, fulfillment, trust, and understanding to allow the miracles in your life that you deserve.  



Community Events are FREE and open to the public. Join us at RISE for one or all of the FREE Events this Semester.

Friday, February 19th 2p.m.  Creativity, Imagination and MovingJoin guest artists Maria Genne and Jane Tygesson for an interactive session of Dance, music, visual arts, poetry and story to tap your creativity, spark your imagination and get you moving. This workshop, based in the latest research in creative aging, introduces some possibilities for articipatory art making that are good for your body and brain. Enjoy and be re-energized and inspired. Call Stacee at 480.377.4296 to reserve your space.


Wednesday, March 16th 1p.m. Folk and Blue Grass Music is coming to RISE. Join us on Wednesday, March 16th at 1p.m. for toe-tapping, hand-clapping, feel good fun. Call Stacee to make a reservation.




Call 480.377.4296 to reserve your seat.


RISE uses seven learning tracks: *Natural Sciences *Social Sciences *Health and Wellness *Spirituality and Religion *The Arts *Finance *Technology

Mission Statement  RISE Learning for Life, a part of Rio Salado College, offers adult residents of Maricopa County the opportunity to enrich their lives through membership in an educational organization that is dedicated to lifelong learning. RISE provides diverse classes, reflecting the wishes of the membership, which are led by volunteers with expertise in their respective fields.

Goals  *Provide Lifelong Learning for adult Maricopa County residents. *Offer forums for the exchange of ideas and knowledge through informal extra-curricular groups, special and social groups. *Increase membership and participation in RISE. *Increase the diversity of membership and curriculum. *Increase the viability of the website. *Increase the public's awareness of RISE Learning for Life.





Do you know someone you think would make a great presenter for RISE? Do you have an idea for a subject that we haven’t touched on yet? We would LOVE to hear from you!

We are currently at work on scheduling the Spring 2016 semester, and will soon be scheduling for Summer and Fall 2016. If you have an idea or would like to suggest someone, contact Marion or Stacee with the details. To be scheduled in time for Spring, we would need the information no later January 25th.

Spring semester- March 21st- May 12th

Summer semester- June 6th- July 29th

Fall semester- September 26th- December 1st.

Contact information is:

Marion Kammauf 480.377.4762

Stacee Himes 480.377.4296




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 Upcoming Events at RISE


 RISE Annual Membership Meeting

Friday, February 26th at Noon

Call 480.377.4296 and make your reservation with Stacee.

Lunch, catered by Birt's Bistro, will be served.