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    Choose from over 350 classes

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    Come to our Open Days
    Listen to the West Valley Symphony, the Border Patrol or Financial Advisor, Wayne Stutzer

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    Thanks to our wonderful presenters.
    We wouldn't be RISE without them.

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    Who doesn't love to dance?
    Tai Chi, yoga, dancing and more...

Why RISE - Rio Salado Education

Want to learn to paint with watercolors? Have you been curious about acupuncture or ancient middle eastern goddesses? Maybe you want to write the next great American novel. These choices and 350 more are yours for only $45 per year. Join in the excitement at RISE where we offer classes from Tai Chi to Car Repairs. There’s something special happening at RISE. Come be a part of it!


SEP 10

Registration Begins At Noon. Bring Your Registration Form And Enjoy Coffee And Cookies. Mingle With Other Rise Members While Our Volunteers Help You Register For Fall Classes.

12:00 PM




Mark you calender for Thursday, September 10th at high Noon! That is when fall registration begins for RISE.

If you are already a member of RISE you can now enjoy the convenience registering for classes in the comfort of your home by registering online.

If you already have a Username and Password just SIGN IN by clicking the blue button above. (Check the latest catalog for directions on finding your username and password.)

If you cannot find this information and you have paid for your current membership please call 480-377-4262 or 480-377-4296  and ask for your username and password - then go online and sign up for your classes. It's easy and convenient!

***If you wish to register in person, bring your registration form to RISE between Noon and 4p.m. on Thursday, September 10th, Friday, September 11th, Monday September 14th and Tuesday, September 15th. We will have RISE volunteers to help you register on the spot- you will leave with a printout of your classes for the fall.


Click here for information on how to become a RISE member.




Mission Statement

RISE Learning for Life, a part of Rio Salado College, offers adult residents of Maricopa County the opportunity to enrich their lives through membership in an educational organization that is dedicated to lifelong learning.

RISE provides diverse classes, reflecting the wishes of the membership, which are led by volunteers with expertise in their respective fields.


  • Provide Lifelong Learning for adult Maricopa County residents.
  • Offer forums for the exchange of ideas and knowledge through classes, informal extra-curricular groups, special and social groups.
  • Increase membership and participation in RISE.
  • Increase the diversity of membership and curriculum.
  • Increase the viability of the website.
  • Increase the public's awareness of RISE Learning for Life.

RISE classes  follow seven learning tracks:

  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Health and Wellness
  • Spirituality and Religion
  • The Arts
  • Finance
  • Technology







The Fall 2015 Catalog has been mailed- expect it soon!

Come to RIO Salado on September 10th at NOON to register for fall classes. You may also register online beginning at 12:00 Noon.

OOPS- you may have noticed that your last name is incorrect on the new catalog- the error has been corrected!

Classes begin on Monday, September 28th.


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 Upcoming Classes at RISE

Current Events Discussion Wednesdays 10a.m. - Noon at Birt's Bistro

 DAHN Yoga Thursdays 10a.m. - Noon


Thanks to everyone who joined us for our Summer Movie Series! And a big Thank You to Mike Dubin for leading the discussions!