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Why RISE - Rio Salado Education

Want to learn to paint with watercolors? Are you curious about acupuncture or angels? Are you interested in traveling to the National Parks or the Faroe Islands? These choices and more are yours for only $50 per year. Join in the excitement at RISE where we offer classes from Arizona Law to Psychology in the Light of Spiritual Science. There’s something special happening at RISE. Come be a part of it!


SEP 27

Rise Fall Semester Monday, September 27 Through Friday, November 19

10:00 AM

NOV 11

Veterans Day Holiday, Rise And Rio Closed

12:00 AM

RISE Celebrates 25th Anniversary
(1996 - 2021)


RISE classes for the fall semester will begin on Monday, September 27th. Classes will be in-person and also via Zoom and some classes will be Zoom only. Please click the blue "download catalog" button to view the Fall 2021 classes.


Please note that Maricopa County Community Colleges are requiring that all individuals - faculty, staff, students and visitors - wear facial covering while indoors at any of the facilities.


Fall Semester 2021 Corrections and Changes to the Printed Catalog
(the catalog on the website is current):



Page 5 and 29, Class #902:  Hooked on Books Book Club has been renamed to "Forever Young Book Club"

Page 5, Class #181:  Unique Destinations in Arizona – the Table of Contents lists the date as Friday, October 15th instead of Thursday, October 14th (The information is correct in the body of the catalog and in the class schedules.)

Page 12, Class #103: Bells, Bells, Bells!! is an in-person class and will not be offered via Zoom

Page 26, Class # 176:  Computers - The Very Basics.  The date has changed to Thursday, October 7 and 14 at 1:00 p.m.

Page 27, Class #179: Computer Basics II.  The date has changed to Tuesday, November 9 and 16 at 1:00 p.m.

Page 28, Class #185:  Community Event with the WV Singers is showing as Friday, November 19thThe correct date is Thursday, November 18th.  The date is correct in the table of contents and class schedules.

Pages 37, 38, 39 and 40:  Voting Rights (Bonnie Saunders) is shown as class #145.  It is class #144.  (The information is correct in the body of the catalog and also on the Fall Schedule at the back of the catalog.)

Page 37:  WV Genealogical Society (Pam LaFond) is shown as class #144.  It is class #145.  (It is correct in the body of the catalog and also on the Fall Schedule at the back of the catalog.)

Page 37:  Class #150-Z:  Conservation 101 on October 8th – this class is at 10:00 a.m.  Please disregard the 1 p.m. time on the calendar grid.

Page 41, Class #135 should read “Dr. Aaron Whitely – Monday, November 8 at 1:00 p.m. – Tinnitus, etc.


RISE uses eight learning tracks:


*Finance and Law*

*Health and Wellness*

*Natural Sciences/Mathematics* 

*Social Sciences*

*Spirituality and Religion*



Mission Statement :  Founded in 1996, RISE is a grass roots community based educational organization created for and by adults to afford them the opportunity for stimulation, enlightenment and interaction with peers in an environment which encourages life-long learning. 

Goals:  To attract people with varied talents who are willing to share as Presenters and thereby give individuals the opportunity to use their talents in a meaningful way. To provide diverse classes in a variety of curriculum areas reflecting the wishes of the membership. To encourage participation in leadership roles by as many of the members as is practical so that RISE truly represents all of the members. To offer forums for exchange of ideas and knowledge in a comfortable and friendly environment. To expand membership and member participation in RISE. To utilize state of art technology to improve RISE classes and administration of the organization.

Following are the upcoming classes for the week beginning Monday, October 18th.  RISE Members may register online or call Cathy or Saundra for assistance with registering.  If preference is for Zoom participation, please sign up using the number with the “Z” next to it.  The zoom link for the class will be sent the day before the class, or the morning of the class if it is an afternoon class.


Monday, October 18th

10 a.m.  - 12 noon

Current Events, Class #136 and 136-Z
Book Study Group:  Never Too Late to Begin Again with Diane Lukich, Class #137-Z
Library of Congress with Dr. William Blaker, Class #138 and 138-Z

1 - 3 p.m.

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with Dr. Cynthia Poppe, Class #128
Are You Dementia Friendly with Nydia Montijo, Class #129
Guided Autobiography with Diane Lukich, Class #139-Z

Tuesday, October 19th

10 a.m. - 12 noon

Visiting Holocaust Sites with Mark and Waynette Brown, Class #154 and154-Z
The Shaman:  The One Who Sees in the Dark with Dr. Diana Warren, Class #174

1 - 3 p.m.

Interesting Arizona Women with Dr. Bonnie Saunders, Class #144 and 144-Z 

Wednesday, October 20th

10 a.m. - 12 noon

Arizona Law with Robert Jeckel, Class #109
Finding Unbiased Financial Advice with Scott Sandell, Class #111
Golf's Interesting People and Places Part 2 with Ed Van Cott, Class #152

1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Voting Rights in the U.S. 1787 to Present with Dr. Bonnie Saunders, Class #144 and 144-Z 

Thursday, October 21st

 10 a.m. - 12 noon

Financial Strategies 101 with Pam Prine and Kimberle Dyer, Class #112 and 1121-Z
A Study in Consciousness (Annie Besant) with Clare Goldsberry, Class #175

1 - 3 p.m.

Self-Defense for Adults with Pat McGannon, Class #122 (Class Limit 12)

Friday, October 15th 


Important Information re: Cancellations and Changes

During our in-person classes when we have to cancel or change a class date, it is very difficult to get the message to everyone. The process we follow is first of all to  email everyone who has registered for the class and call the people who do not have an email listed.  If the class cancels at the last minute, we call everyone who has registered for that class. We then send an email blast about the cancelled class to those who have email and note the cancellation on the home page of the RISE website,

Currently, when a Zoom on-line class cancels, we will notify the class of the cancellation, and also send an eBlast to all members who may be considering registering for the class.

"Guided Autobiography is the BEST class I have taken at RISE.  I absolutely love the class!" ~Carolyn Pakan, RISE Member
"I found Dr. Timko, and my essential oils person, my acupuncturist and my reflexologist at RISE!  Through them, I've been led to other fantastic practitioners and have done a complete turnaround;  well, really a work in progress, as I'm not 180 degrees yet, but could never be where I am today without RISE!" ~ Michele Holiday, RISE Member

“I am a relative newcomer to art and exploring all types of art design.  I love my RISE Painting with Watercolor Zoom sessions.  Allen Reamer’s classes are about landscapes, and I have very little experience in that area.  I hope he continues teaching into the next semester!” ~ Julie Manthei, RISE Member
"Caren Marshall presented such a FANTASTIC class this morning.  The content was exceptional, her presentation style and involvement of class participants (including exercises) was superb!!! And...the length of the class was PERFECTION!!" ~ Maurine Dyer Stevens

Do you know someone you think would make a great presenter for RISE? Do you have an idea for a subject that we haven’t touched on yet?  We would LOVE to hear from you!

Contact information is:


Cathy Sheredy, Coordinator

Saundra Stanley, Assistant Coordinator


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